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No Advertising/Spam on the Fourm


ADVERTISING : There's only one place to sell stuff and that's in the Classifieds section. The rest of the forum is for discussion purposes , therefore we ask of the members to refrein from "marketing" OR "advertising" their wares they may have put up for sale or are going to be put up for sale. Members can still post up items in the forum you are gonna sell a day later but don't use the thread as an opportunity to advertise the sale. Those whom we consider dealers will not be allowed this liberty.


SPAM : Our spam rules are clear , like above we won't allow sites that sell militaria to advertise/spam on GHW. This includes members who spam for a dealer intentionally or unintentionally. Consider us as a neutral zone. Apart from a link in your signature spam can be anything else , a watermark , a link in a post , etc ... It will be determined by the administration what will be removed.


DEALERS : As stated throughout the forum, GHW is a free non-sponsored not-for-profit site. As such this forum is not to be used as a selling platform in any way. If you have items for sale use the Classifieds section but don't use the forum to market your new soon to be sold wares. Give your customers the chance to show their precious new pieces on our forum.